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JSDBCI End Time Ministries

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The Jamaica Seventh Day Baptist Conference Incorporated, after much research, labour and study of the Word of God and its correlation with historical evidence, is pleased to present the first of a 12-Part Study Series entitled 'Watching God's Prophetic Clock Tick', which can be found under the option Useful Links, on our website's menu bar, presented by Bible Teacher Dr. Rosemarie Wilson.

Below is a link to our YouTube End Times Ministries Channel where you can watch, download and listen to the presentation. Here are the details:


  • To examine God's Prophetic Words about history in light of World events.
  • To use God's Word to highlight life lessons for the Church living in the resent age and preparing for the end.
  • To examine for understanding, the phase in human's Biblical history spanning the time of Creation to Israel's arrival in Egpt, hence the aptly named 'From Eden To Egypt' as subtopic for the first in this study series.

Part 1 is subtitled: From Eden To Egypt.     Duration: 2 hours 9 mins / Size: 394 MB 

url: https://youtu.be/TOAFfLMeQOg

Part 2 is subtitled: From Egypt To Canaan. Duration: 1 hour 52 mins / Size: 259 MB 

url https://youtu.be/GqqP4ulRXg0

Part 4 is subtitled:  From Babylon: Alerting the World And Awakening the Church Duration: 2 hours / Size: 261 MB

url: https://youtu.be/WtCAJG4cIC0

Part 6 is subtitled: From Babylon: Preparing the Saints for Time of Trouble  Duration: 2 hours 1 min / Size: 307 MB

url https://youtu.be/nZRdPjZkAi8



Re: Church Response to New Criteria for Public Gathering

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May 16, 2020


Dear Beloved Brethren,

‘Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and Jesus Christ our Lord.’ (2Peter 1:2). Praises belong to God for His preserving mercies in that we have not lost anyone from our membership to this pandemic. This crisis remains the concern for all of us; hence, we maintain a diligent response by remaining consistent in practice. In light of this, I want to commend our Pastors and Leaders who have continued to provide leadership in our churches by ensuring that there is adherence to the guidelines as outlined by the Government in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Further to this, the Government has issued some new criteria for public gathering; hence, we cannot have ‘business as usual’, but must take the necessary steps to ensure adherence. A trial period for general gathering is allowed until May 31, 2020 which will then be reviewed. Gathering is only permitted on the condition that the following things are in place:

  • • Availability of a Digital Thermometer for checking the temperature of attendees
  • • Labelled and equipped Sanitization Stations
  • • Wearing of Masks by all attendees
  • • Maintaining of six Feet (6 ft.) Social Distance
  • • Maintain a forty square feet space (40 Sq. Ft.) per member (to determine legal attendance)
  • • Reducing length of services
  • • Groups meeting outside building must not exceed ten with the six feet social distance.
  • • Establishing a Shift System where congregation is large
  • • Clean Church after each shift
  • • Maintain one hour break between Shift
  • • Members sixty-five years and older should stay at home

I am therefore, urging our Pastors and Leaders to encourage our Churches and Church Groups to conform to the above guidelines. Where these provisions are not all in place, it is recommended that the physical gatherings are postponed. Where possible, services may be had via one of the social media platforms in order not to be found in breach should we have a visitation from the Ministry of Health (MOH) Inspectorate to assess the compliance status of the Church. Please read the Disaster Risk Management Act, the May 11, 2020 release which address guidelines for Churches and Bars.

May we all continue to strive to be ‘Tuned In, Turned On and Triumphant through Christ” as we release the wheels of our lives into His capable hands. Let us continue to pray for each other for a mighty revival among us as we prepare to re-unite in our usual way of worship within our buildings.

Yours for His Glory,

Pas. Ronald Blissett

Conference President.

Seventh Day Baptist World Federation on COVID-19

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March 31, 2020

To: The Leaders of all member conferences of the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation

Dear Seventh Day Baptist brothers and sisters around the world,

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present

your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and

your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7.

We are living in difficult days. In addition to all the normal daily struggles, now, there is a corona virus pandemic.

It has changed significantly the lives of many people around the world. The resulting death toll has advanced in

many countries. And we have been forced to remain in social isolation for a while. This moment requires a lot of

faith, peace and trust in God's control over the entire universe. A lot of people, including brothers and sisters,

are facing anxiety, anguish and, sometimes, lack of courage.

Within the Seventh Day Baptist global family, the corona virus may have caused death to visit some of our

church members, their families, or friends. In many countries, our Seventh Day Baptist ministries have been

significantly curtailed by the ban of public worship or church services, forcing us to find creative and novel ways

to minister to our flocks.

However, we must always remember that we are the Church of the Lord Jesus, called to be salt and light. In

these difficult times, we must think that we have many opportunities to speak about our Lord Jesus, who brings

salvation and peace, about God's love and control over every situation we live in, and about everything that

happens in the universe. We have the opportunity to comfort those in need, and to donate time, food, and

financial resources to their well-being. We have the opportunity to live the Gospel truly.

In this difficult time, God requires of us courage, faith and trust in Him. The other important thing is that we

have to pray and plead for ourselves and for all those in need .

Let us be the Church that prays and intercedes for this world that suffers anguish and pain. So, I call upon all our

member Conferences, and all our Seventh Day Baptist brothers and sisters around the world, to dedicate the

two-day period, April 18 and 19, to pray and fast for this very difficult situation that we are all facing. Use any

time slot during that period for fervent prayer, and fast during any window or portion of the period. We

understand that in many parts of the world, churches are not assembling right now, but that does not mean that

we cannot connect in some way to pray and fast. Use the technology and facilities that are available to you, and

let us seek the face of the Lord regarding this terrible intrusion.

Yours for the Global Glory of God,

Luciano Barreto Nogueira de Moura,

President, SDB World Federation

Andy Samuels

General Secretary, SDB World Federation

The President's Message - RE: COVID-19

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To the Jamaica Seventh Day Baptist Churches and Groups

March 20, 2020

“If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek

my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their

sins and heal their land.”(2 Chronicles 7:14)

Dear Pastor, Missionaries, Evangelists and Brethren,

Guidelines Re-Public Gathering for Services and Other Meetings In light of COVID 19

Peace be multiplied to you from God, our Father and our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Further to my initial correspondence, you have not been unaware of the new developments in relation to the impact of the existing pandemic named COVID 19 as we have been receiving daily updates on same. However, we are called to be responsive in our drive to maintain connection with all our brethren; employing all means necessary as we encourage the duty of every member to pray and to be diligent in seeking the face of Almighty God at this time.

Our Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen has extended a call on our nation to participate in a day of prayer and solemn fast commencing 6:00 pm on Friday, March 20 to 6:00 pm March 21, 2020 or 6:00 pm Saturday evening to 6:00 pm Sunday evening, March 22, 2020 as we petition God on behalf of our nation and country. Please make the arrangement with your church and or group according to the day of choice. The fast focuses are to pray for the containment and elimination of COVID 19, the healing of those infected, enablement and protection of medical and frontline workers, security forces, the poor, needy, the vulnerable, the Government, Churches, all organization in the fight, combating and economic fallout. It is appropriate for us all to join in this national activity and receive it as an answer to prayers already prayed and an indication that God is at work among us and is about to do something refreshing on and in us.

Going forward, let us be mindful that the maximum number of persons legally permitted to meet in any one place is twenty (20) and the social distancing permitted is 3 - 4 feet apart. Consequently, it is encouraged that Pastors and Leaders will ensure that the members who travel by taxis, others who are sick and those with limiting conditions are grouped in worship cells with assigned leaders who will keep oversight using the social mediaplatforms, chat, live stream, and other creative means of contact. While it is still allowed to have small gatherings as preventative measure, it is encouraged that shifts are arranged to facilitate those who can attend services if turnout is usually large. There may be a unique situation with a church or group where it may be wise to suspend all meetings, but, it is expected that wisdom is applied and we will be guided by the Lord.

Please remember Brethren that we are not given the spirit of bondage to fear but one of love, power and a sound mind, consequently, wisdom must be applied in all we do. Therefore, it is important that we continue to observe all the protocols previously outlined by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health in relation to washing/sanitizing hygiene of hands and places and equipment frequently used, to mention a few.

May we experience true revival in this trying time as we make the necessary sacrifice to diligently seek the face of Almighty God for our nation’s healing and full obedience to Almighty God.

Your Servant in His Service,


Ronald Blissett


President's New Year's Address

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Jamaica Seventh Day Baptist Conference

Like a mist, 2019 had swiftly passed and yet its memory lingers on. It is still a little

startling that six months have already being spent of our first allotment for 2019 /2020 Conference year.

I am thrilled with tremendous gratitude to our Sovereign Lord God, who has so lavishly blessed us

beyond our due for which we are eternally grateful. I am embracing this invaluable privilege to bless the

Lord who is Strong and Mighty for His loving favour and to wish every member of our noble Seventh

Day Baptist family in Jamaica and in the Diasporas world-wide as well as our well-wishers a prosperous

New Year.

As we welcome 2020, let us be determined to recognize the immense capacity that God has invested in

each of us and be resolute to maximize on the opportunities we have been given to be tuned in, and

turned on through Christ’s power on the various locations we have been strategically positioned by God

as catalysts of potential in His Ministry to unveil and unearth gifts and talents which had been unknown

and, or unnoticed due to ignorance..

Excellence in stewardship is to be a hallmark of service for all of us as we more than ever appreciate

the blessings and favours we have been shown in respect to His grace, to think of the access we have

been given to start over one more time. To be able to penitently make a difference in our earnest thrust

to engage our whole being in a process of yielding our all to God in full submission so that the four ‘T’s’

of service tool; Temple, Time, Talent and Treasure can be fully employed for God’s glory.

It is a critical time for us to recognize our individuality and embrace our unique diversity as a blessing,

and be willing to cease being afraid to accept the reality that we are no regular persons here to just

occupy space but are people custom-made, fearfully and wonderfully. That we, being all originals with

specialized abilities as designed by Almighty God to impact and effect change in intentional ways by

God, and are transformed through the embracing of God’s reality as is evident in His allowance of

recovery capacity through Christ accomplishment at Calvary and subsequent restoration of the spirit

man. We are challenged to become who we are in Christ; packaged as agents made on purpose, with

a purpose and for a purpose.


It is without question that we are all assigned levels of dominion severally, according to our endowed

abilities as enabled by the Holy Spirit to unwrap our uniqueness and fragrance and flavour the assigned

space we have been given to influence and do so against our expiration dates. As the late Bahamian

motivational speaker, Author and pastor, Dr. Myles Munroe counselled, ‘that we should not go to our

graves full but should go empty, having lived and fulfilled our purpose’.

Let us consider the words of Jeremiah 9:23 &24”Don't let the wise boast in their wisdom, or the

powerful boast in their power, or the rich boast in their riches. But those who wish to boast should boast

in this alone: that they truly know me and understand that I am the Lord who demonstrates unfailing

love and who brings justice and righteousness to the earth, and that I delight in these things. I, the Lord,

have spoken!"

Brothers and Sisters may this be a year filled with knowing God better, resting in His grace, and serving

Him more faithfully. When the temptation for things such as approval, riches, and control press us, may

the joy of knowing God seize our hearts, shape our schedules, and consume our days. May we be

willing to dance and suffer, work and play, serve and give all glory to our God. May the Gospel indeed

compel us to love mercy, work for justice, and to walk humbly with our God, until the day He takes us


I challenge us to be willing to become tuned in, turned on and be made triumphant through Christ who

empowers us to face and accomplish limitless possibilities through Christ who assured us, “If ye abide

in me, and my Word abide in you, then ye shall ask whatever ye will and it shall be done unto you”. (St.

John 15:7). Unlock and unleash your God- given potential and triumphantly mature to ‘become who you

already are in Christ’.

Yours in the mission for God’s glory,



Pastor Ronald Blissett

Celebrating 100 Years of Seventh Day Baptist Presence in Jamaica Countdown

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The Jamaica Seventh Day Baptist Website leaps into life at the beginning of a New Roman Year, a New Decade,  which happens to mark the 97th year of the Seventh Day Baptist presence in Jamaica, yep when Post Roads SDB Church first opened it's doors for service in Clarendon 1923, longer than most of us have been alive!

We can look forward to a flurry of activities to mark this milestone achievement. I will attempt to keep you breast of new developments after a long hiatus, which I sincerely apologize for and hopefully can bring up some snippets of information from the past. 

After a stellar run of presidency our trailblazing past President Pastor Devon Levy,  graciously stepped down from office after we wrung as many years of serivce out of him as we constitutionally could, to facilitate the stepping into office our new Conference President Elect in the form of Pastor Ronald Blissett. We pray as he has taken on the batton in this presidential relay, God's continuous guidance and companionship of the Holy Spirit as he simultaneously takes the helm at a pivotal moment in the denomination's history.

First order of business on this site you'll notice is an updated the official skeleton of the Calendar of Activities for the entire year of 2020. Over time the details for majority of these events will be added or updated so this time, God permitting, you can check back during the course of this year. 

With that said let's re-engage!


March Helping Hand lessons available for download

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Andrew J. Camenga's picture

Submitted by Andrew J. Camenga on Wed, 02/23/2011 - 21:31

"The March - May 2011 Helping Hand in Bible Study is being shipped to churches in the United States and around the world. If your mailbox has not yet seen your copies, don't despair. Your copies are coming.

In the meantime, if you need copies of the lessons, you may download a pdf copy of the March lessons from the Board of Christian Education website. Just go to http://EducatingChristians.org, look for the box at the top of the page, and click on the download link.

When you click that link you will get a pdf of the large print edition. The large print edition is provided to by email to churches in the USA and Canada who subscribe to the Helping Hand and request a copy. Because financial support for the quarterly is based on subscriptions, we typically request that churches purchase enough copies of regular Helping Hands to cover those who use the large print edition. This request is waived for the March lessons—download and use the file.

For those who are curious, pagination of the regular edition and large print editions is the same. That means that you can say, "Please turn to page ..." without worrying about which edition the members of your class are using."

Young People Classes

Corresponding Truth For Youth Sabbath school lesson & study materials for youth and young adult classes can also be found on this link --> (http://educatingchristians.org/TruthForYouth/TruthForYouth).