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Posted by Desmond Wilson on November 6, 2020 at 11:45 PM

The Jamaica Seventh Day Baptist Conference Incorporated, after much research, labour and study of the Word of God and its correlation with historical evidence, is pleased to present the first of a 12-Part Study Series entitled 'Watching God's Prophetic Clock Tick', which can be found under the option Useful Links, on our website's menu bar, presented by Bible Teacher Dr. Rosemarie Wilson.

Below is a link to our YouTube End Times Ministries Channel where you can watch, download and listen to the presentation. Here are the details:


  • To examine God's Prophetic Words about history in light of World events.
  • To use God's Word to highlight life lessons for the Church living in the resent age and preparing for the end.
  • To examine for understanding, the phase in human's Biblical history spanning the time of Creation to Israel's arrival in Egpt, hence the aptly named 'From Eden To Egypt' as subtopic for the first in this study series.

Part 1 is subtitled: From Eden To Egypt.     Duration: 2 hours 9 mins / Size: 394 MB 

url: https://youtu.be/TOAFfLMeQOg

Part 2 is subtitled: From Egypt To Canaan. Duration: 1 hour 52 mins / Size: 259 MB 

url https://youtu.be/GqqP4ulRXg0

Part 4 is subtitled:  From Babylon: Alerting the World And Awakening the Church Duration: 2 hours / Size: 261 MB

url: https://youtu.be/WtCAJG4cIC0

Part 6 is subtitled: From Babylon: Preparing the Saints for Time of Trouble  Duration: 2 hours 1 min / Size: 307 MB

url https://youtu.be/nZRdPjZkAi8



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