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Re: Church Response to New Criteria for Public Gathering

Posted by Desmond Wilson on May 20, 2020 at 3:55 PM

May 16, 2020


Dear Beloved Brethren,

‘Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and Jesus Christ our Lord.’ (2Peter 1:2). Praises belong to God for His preserving mercies in that we have not lost anyone from our membership to this pandemic. This crisis remains the concern for all of us; hence, we maintain a diligent response by remaining consistent in practice. In light of this, I want to commend our Pastors and Leaders who have continued to provide leadership in our churches by ensuring that there is adherence to the guidelines as outlined by the Government in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Further to this, the Government has issued some new criteria for public gathering; hence, we cannot have ‘business as usual’, but must take the necessary steps to ensure adherence. A trial period for general gathering is allowed until May 31, 2020 which will then be reviewed. Gathering is only permitted on the condition that the following things are in place:

  • • Availability of a Digital Thermometer for checking the temperature of attendees
  • • Labelled and equipped Sanitization Stations
  • • Wearing of Masks by all attendees
  • • Maintaining of six Feet (6 ft.) Social Distance
  • • Maintain a forty square feet space (40 Sq. Ft.) per member (to determine legal attendance)
  • • Reducing length of services
  • • Groups meeting outside building must not exceed ten with the six feet social distance.
  • • Establishing a Shift System where congregation is large
  • • Clean Church after each shift
  • • Maintain one hour break between Shift
  • • Members sixty-five years and older should stay at home

I am therefore, urging our Pastors and Leaders to encourage our Churches and Church Groups to conform to the above guidelines. Where these provisions are not all in place, it is recommended that the physical gatherings are postponed. Where possible, services may be had via one of the social media platforms in order not to be found in breach should we have a visitation from the Ministry of Health (MOH) Inspectorate to assess the compliance status of the Church. Please read the Disaster Risk Management Act, the May 11, 2020 release which address guidelines for Churches and Bars.

May we all continue to strive to be ‘Tuned In, Turned On and Triumphant through Christ” as we release the wheels of our lives into His capable hands. Let us continue to pray for each other for a mighty revival among us as we prepare to re-unite in our usual way of worship within our buildings.

Yours for His Glory,

Pas. Ronald Blissett

Conference President.

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